Taste the Culinary Treasures of Santorini in Every Single Bite

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Santorini is an island of unparalleled beauty and unique elegance, due to its Cycladic architecture and its wonderful volcanic archipelago. Apart from all that, Santorini is world renowned for its one of a kind local produce. Here you can find some truly magnificent products that cannot be found anywhere else in the whole wide world. If you are looking for an enticing journey of your senses to a world full of intense aromas and distinctive flavours, Santorini is the ultimate destination for you.

On the island of Santorini rainfall is limited and the volcanic soil has added to the distinctive character of the products that are cultivated here. Tomataki is a medium-sized tomato with extremely intense taste and truly wonderful aromas. It is used in salads with extra virgin olive oil or as the main ingredient in sauces and appetizers (like the delicious fried tomato balls). White eggplant is another vegetable found on the precious soil of Santorini and its taste is as unique as its colour. Caper is used as seasoning on top of salads, adding to the sumptuousness of the local delicacies. Of course, Greece is famous for its cheese and Santorini could not be the exception. Instead, there are soft cheeses like chloro that will surprise your palate! Last but not least, there is fava dip that will thrill you due to its smoothness and signature flavour.
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When it comes to wines, Santorini is a place of rare quality vineyards. These vineyards produce the finest wine varieties, famous for their exquisite taste and their rich aromas. Accompany your every meal consisting of premium quality local products and tastes of the Mediterranean with the right wine from the local wineries, in order for you to taste the absolute culinary wonder in Santorini!
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