Hold Your Conference at the Most Mesmerizing Surroundings of Santorini

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Combining business with leisure is the perfect recipe for conferences. Instead of having to spend your day behind closed walls and compromise comfort and relaxation for the sake of business meetings, you can choose Santorini and Kastelli Resort. Located at a quiet and picturesque village of Santorini, Kastelli Resort is the ultimate place for you to hold a conference. With cutting edge technology and unique surroundings, ample conference venues of modernity and Cycladic architecture, every single business event you organize there will be memorable. 
Santorini is a beautiful island of unique landscapes due to its past volcanic activity and its lunar shaped beaches. In between the speeches and exhibitions, you can explore its magical character and surrender to its elegance. Enjoy the wonderful, romantic sunset and have a taste of the quality local produce of Santorini. Visit the museum of Prehistoric Thera and learn more about the significant history of the island. Dive in the crystal clear waters of Santorini or just stroll up and down the beach, overlooking the Aegean and relaxing away from the noise. 
Throughout the business meetings or conferences you attend at Santorini Kastelli Resort, you will enjoy the supreme facilities and the modern equipment that offer the optimal experience to you. With projectors, audiovisual equipment of the latest technology and even secretarial support, you will have everything that enables you to make the most out of each conference. Benefit from the advanced technology and the gorgeous interior design of our conference room and, when you are in need of a break, have a light snack or a refreshing beverage at the ample courtyard! 
So, combine business along with pleasure and superb experiences at Santorini Kastelli Resort. After all, business is meant to be fun, besides being constructive and fruitful!
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