Wine Tours Introducing You to the Greatness of Theran Vineyards

Santorini is world renowned for its vineyards, which have been proven unique and have managed to produce premium quality wine over the centuries. Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani are some of the varieties that have been cultivated on the island of Santorini and that have made the most out of the local wines. The volcanic soil and the lack of rainfall and the humidity, alongside the intense winds of several months, have added to the unique character of the wine making procedure and the absolutely amazing outcome. Right from the very first sip, you taste the wonder of the Theran vineyards and you realize why the island of Santorini has succeeded in making such superb wine!
If you schedule a wine tour at the traditional vineyards and wine makers of the island, you will learn a lot of details about the wine. In addition, you will get the opportunity to taste some of the most delicious varieties and combine them with local delicacies made of organically grown local products.
This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the wonder of Theran cuisine and the amazing hospitality of the locals in Santorini. You will be guided to the places where the wine is matured and you will see how everything has been neatly settled underground, in order to benefit from the proper temperature and the conditions that allow the wine to become so sumptuous and delectable.
Tradition has remained intact throughout the centuries and perhaps this is the reason why the wine in Santorini is so rich and full of intense fragrances and flavors. You will be fascinated by the wine tour and you will feel closer to the treasures of Santorini, while you will get the chance to spend a day with the tasteful wines and treats of the locals!
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