Let Us Introduce You to the Magic of Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is a feast of flavors and fragrances, with beautiful colors and amazing textures. Only the finest local products are combined in the hands of seasoned chefs or traditional housewives, in order to create true masterpieces of gastronomy in every single bite. Mediterranean diet has been proven the healthiest option all over the world, so as to maintain the ideal weight and get all the nourishment you need. With so many different tastes, it is impossible not to love it!

First of all, Mediterranean cuisine makes use of extra virgin olive oil. This has been called the elixir of life and wellness, due to its special properties. Salads drizzled with olive oil are always part of every meal in Greece, highlighting the great importance of seasonal vegetables and healthy fats. In summer, you can taste red juicy tomatoes and refreshing cucumbers, beautiful peppers and lettuce, as well as many other veggies and fruits in colorful platters. Apart from salads, appetizers include pies of cheese or spinach and croquettes of mixed vegetables, such as zucchini or tomato.
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Gastronomy in the Mediterranean consists of fresh and original ingredients. Organically grown meat and poultry, traditional dairy products, fish and seafood that come straight from the waters of the Aegean and whole grain products compose the perfect meal. Simplicity in the cooking process leads to the optimum outcome gastronomically, with superb dishes that cover the needs of even the most discerning palate. 
Explore the unique character of the Mediterranean cuisine and introduce yourself to this wonderful way of eating and enjoying life in nature. Every meal is another surprise for your taste buds and we are sure that you will become great fans of this cuisine from the first bite!
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