The everlasting allurement of the volcano in Santorini

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The volcanic eruptions millennia ago shaped Santorini and its unique scenery. From the very first moment you step on the island, you are overwhelmed by a special aura. The imposing caldera stretches along the coastline of Santorini and defines it, gifting us all with splendid vistas that make our heart beat faster. The volcano is a trademark of Santorini, since its history has affected the island a great deal. If you are searching for a lunar shaped destination with distinctive character in all its beaches and attractions, Santorini is just the place for you!

A trip to the volcano takes place every single day on the island of Santorini, so that all guests can visit the place for a singular experience. The boat starts in the morning and takes you to the hot springs, where you have the opportunity to dive in the warm waters of sulfur. These waters are therapeutic and hence it is something we would encourage you to try out. You will also visit the islets of Nea and Palea Kameni. You will see the craters and you will introduce yourself to a whole new, different world. It is like a transcendental journey, which reveals how life was on the planet Earth a long time ago. The power of nature has been carved on each stone and you will realize that, as you are watching the stunning caldera from afar.

Ever since antiquity, the volcano has been the center of Santorini. In fact, it has been directly linked to its prosperity over the years. With the most significant volcanic eruptions, a whole civilization was buried to the ashes. Yet, Santorini has experienced absolute rebirth and is now a wonderful place to visit, with the volcano being one of the most popular attractions for travelers.
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