An Amazing New World of Blue before Your Eyes

Are you dreaming of endless blue all around you? A sailing tour on the Aegean, discovering the unique coastline of Santorini and admiring the caldera and the volcanic beauty seems like the perfect plan! Get on board and schedule a cruise to the most spectacular places of the island, becoming a part the distinctive elegance of Cyclades. The waters are simply amazing, sparkling and shining all around. The imposing caldera cliffs, the magnetizing chromatic blend and the secluded beaches that seem lunar shaped complete the ideal retreat!
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It is hard to describe exactly the depth of feelings that you experience, as you are sailing away and enjoying such a breathtaking view. You are hooked by the vistas that unveil the most stunning colors far away in the horizon, emerald and shimmering waters surrounding you. The adventure has begun and you feel like a seaman, discovering unspoiled places that have never been discovered before. On top of the coastline and the crystalline waters of the Aegean, there is the volcanic archipelago waiting for your visit. See the craters from up close and dive in the sulfur sea, benefiting your mind and body at the same time. Time has stopped on the islets where lava has shaped the unique soil and the craters. It is awe inspiring to walk on these very same places, where lava has sprung centuries ago and left its everlasting mark.

According to your preferences and your personalized demands, you can organize a daily cruise to the volcano and even arrange a candlelight dinner as the sun goes down. Sunset in Santorini is majestic and you should not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy its charms on board!
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