Welcome to Santorini for a Spiritual Easter Celebration

Do you want to celebrate Easter in a magical, transcendental manner in Greece? Do you want to become part of the tradition, which is embodied in literally everyday life details? If this is what you have been searching for, Santorini is the perfect destination for you to enjoy. Remember than in Santorini Easter is celebrated in all its glory and magnitude. This is the place where during the whole Holy Week the locals prepare themselves carefully for the upcoming Resurrection. Are you ready for this unique experience?
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Easter is perhaps the most magnificent celebration for the world of Christianity, especially because it is combined with the awakening of nature. Spring offers a wonderful spectacle all around, with the blossomed flowers and the fragrances changing the atmosphere. It is an intoxicating experience and in Santorini all that reaches a whole new level. In every neighborhood, the whitewashed homes and pathways get brushed and their color is revived, in anticipation of the joyful event.

Households are filled with marvelous scents, including the aromas from the baked pastries called tsourekia and koulourakia. These are the iconic sweets for the celebration of Easter. Along with these treats, housewives dye the eggs red and they place them on platters neatly till they are ready to use. On Holy Saturday, at midnight, the locals will take one egg each and crash it with the egg of another one. Whoever wins is considered lucky, but the custom is based on the acknowledgement that Jesus Christ was resurrected.

Holy Friday is one of the highlights in Santorini, especially at the picturesque settlement of Pyrgos. This is where people place lanterns on both sides of the road where the Procession is coming. These lanterns make the atmosphere even more spiritual and emotional, adding to the sadness deriving from the death of Jesus.

Come to Santorini during Easter and you will be thrilled and amazed at the marvelous festivities!
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